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Most writing services just assign your project to any writer who doesn’t even have a basic knowledge about the niche. In WriteHero, we’ll find a writer according to your exact specifications and budget. Need an 40-ish African female writer who’s good in non-persuasive style of copywriting? Name it, we mostly likely have it.


Customized your writer's persona

Finding that specific niche writer you’re looking for is just the beginning. We’ll then brief and customize the writer’s persona based on your preferred writing style, tone and core message – (e.g.  Do you want your writer to imagine himself be a slang-style middle aged man who buys dog products? We can do that.)

Fluff-free Progress System

We’ll always give you a preview of what we’re working on and do some changes based on your feedback. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll redo the whole project or reassign a new writer – free of charge. Revisions includes grammar, writing style, tone, content quality, sentence structure, topic relevance and many more.

Meet WriteHero we know hard it is to look for a reliable freelance writer.

We will collaborate with you in curating your content that informs and inspires.

WriteHero’s Core Features

Deep Web Intensive Research

Did you know that popular search engines only index a small part of the web? And most writers only rely on Google. With our Deep Web access, our writers have the upper hand of gaining extra information on their research.

Dedicated Project Manager

No matter how small your order is, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager for your account to make sure everything is on time and the project will pass three levels of QA stages.

Huge variety of writers

As specified on the major features stated above, we have a large database of writers who specialized in different niches and topics. It’s up to you to customize your content and writing style of your writer.

100% Workback Guarantee

Any service that promises perfect grammar is a fraud. We’re all humans and we make mistakes. If you don’t like the results – you can simply request for a revision, no questions asked.

Profiling and Geo Targeting

In order for us to understand your inbound goals and target audience, we always do a basic background research of your company/business model. We also have access to some paid research tools (such as WordStream or Hubspot).

Extra Mile Support

How did your content fare well in the market? We provide unparalleled support and feedback on how you can improve the lead conversion of  your project you ordered with us.

I hope that this feedback will be posted in a public forum and I would be happy to leave a review 🙂 I came in very skeptical about the quality of writers on this site. This was my first project. I tried hard to release expectation. I LOVED the writing. I found it smooth, credible, impactful, insightful, just all around I was highly impressed. And it was returned to me in a very reasonable amount of time despite the fact that it was busy season. I would gladly like to work with the very same writer again on future projects. Seriously.

Taylor Mcbride

CEO, Cynical Saints Publishing

As an experienced Internet marketer, I was extremely pleased when I received my articles and reviewed them. I have used many content writing companies in the past few months and none of them have come close to the quality and price your company offers. The articles were grammatically correct and very original. It was almost as if I were writing them myself because I take a lot of care in providing quality content for my readers. With your service, I just found the quality writing I needed to leverage my business.

Sandra Gonzalez

Internet Marketer, Weekly Ads Flyers

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Tier 1 Project Types
$10 / 500 words
Niche Articles (Non-SEO or SEO)
Product Reviews or Descriptions
Blog Content (1st or 3rd POV)
News or Events
Blurbs or Social Media Posts
Tier 2 Project Types
$15 / 500 words
eBooks (Non-Fiction or Fiction)
Proofreading or Editing
Copywriting (Light or Persuasive)
Company Content (About us, FAQ, Homepage)
Tier 3 Project Types
$50 / 500 words
Press Release
Magazine Writeups
Production Scripts
Academic Content
Legal Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? Why should I order from WriteHero?

Your time is important, you have deadlines – and we don’t want to waste that by just giving your project to newbies or writers with no prior idea in your industry. Here we sum everything up in bullet points:


  • We simply connect you with our niche writers that can RELATE to your project.
  • We also have in-house researchers that will help you in gathering the resources you need.
  • You’ll be receiving fresh, original concept/ideas based from the writer’s experience (Means, less fluff and rehashed content from Google).
  • We can customize the content based on your target audience. Every tone, style and detail will be carefully crafted to fit your brand message.
  • We’ll give you an updated progress at every stage, with 3 levels of “Quality Assurance” checks from our editors.
Why are your rates so cheap?

Almost everyone in the United States are looking for part time work. The cheap rates are due to the heavy competition they’re dealing in big outsourcing websites like U*work and Fi*err .


However, we simply reward our writers with recognition, continuous work and other perks – In return, we get loyalty. Hey, it’s important too to take care of our own too. 🙂

What happens if I don't like the project? Any guarantees?

Our writers specialized on their career knowledge, their years of experience and industry expertise – not on writing. While they may not be able to produce Pulitzer worthy magazine content, we’re very sure they will be able to give you content that can inform and engage your readers up to the last few words of your CTA.

Also, our stellar line of editors will be the ones to proofread all your projects. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% work-back guarantee.

What's your usual turnaround time?

Here’s a simple guide for our estimated TATs:

  • 10,000 total words and below – 5-7 days
  • 10,000 – 50,000 total words – 1-2 weeks
  • 50,000 – 100,000 total words – 3-4 weeks
  • 100,000 – 200,000 total words – 1-2 months
  • 200,000++ total words – Please contact us


The specified TATs are already inclusive of:

  • First research
  • Outline and style collaboration
  • Selection of writers
  • Data gathering and second research
  • Team briefing
  • Writing
  • 1st Quality Assurance Review
  • Rough drafts for approval
  • 2nd Quality Assurance Review
  • Sending final output


For eBooks and other projects which needs to be written by only one (1) writer, just double the numbers. If you need a faster turnaround time, please contact us. 🙂



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